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Suggestions for Ucoz
arcturus125Date: Sunday, 2016 February 07, 2:13 AM | Message # 1
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I have used Ucoz for a long time, in fact I have been using it for just over 2 years. however, with other companies releasing their custom website tools for people to use, Ucoz is starting to get a little outdated. For example, most website design services include a 'drag and drop' feature so that people can create their websites easily. However, Ucoz used the HTML language to format the pages of the website. I can understand why they use this, as it can let people t amazing things with their websites... if they know how to code HTML. So i think that it would be better if Ucoz included a 'drag and drop' feature for novices so that they can create pages easily and quickly.

Another suggestion for Ucoz is to let people make their own custom URLs for their website pages. for example. on my website when I go to a page it will be linked to a url with numbers in it. An example of this can be seen below:

This makes the URLs of certain pages hard to remember and it makes it very difficult to navigate to hidden pages (pages that aren't included on the menu of the website) I believe the solution to this issue is to let users make their own URL extensions to their Websites. so instead of the cluttered, messy and hard-to-remember URLs shown above, they can use simple alternatives, sich as the one shown below:

instead of,

I understand that it can be done with pages tha are linked to modules such as the download module ( or the forum module ( however i think that it should be made that people, or 'Ucozers' as you call them, can have short, easy-to-remember URLs for paged they They have created and no just for pages created for them using modules

And my final suggestion is to extend the possibilities of 'Builder mode'. What i mean is.. if you visit my website ( you can see that i have my own custom template. that took me about 6 hours of meddling in the 'design customisation' part of the control panel, just to change the header of the website (and I am NOT a novice when it comes to coding in HTML). My point is, it would have been much nicer if I could have just went into builder mode to change the header of the pages. While I personally dont mind messing about in the control panel of the website, some other people may disagree, so I think that Website owners/admins should not need to go into the control panel to change things about their website, but should just be able to do it without having to log into the control panel.

To conclude, i think that the reason why people are turning to alternatives such as and is that they have a much nicer user interface, and are much easier to use for people who are new to web design, that being said, i believe that if my suggestions are put into the actual Ucoz build, it will be a much better and easier web design tool to use, and as a result of that, will get more attention from people wanting to make websites

Just because i have written all the things that i think need changing about ucoz, does NOT mean that i am saying that it is bad. In fact, compared to other free services, such as webs, Ucoz is actually a really good Web design tool, but I just think it could be a little more user friendly.
uCoz Support Forum by uCozers » General » Suggestions to Improve forum » Suggestions for Ucoz (sml[idea]These are a few of my suggestions for ucoz)
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